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A spectacularly grueling 40km desert run through the most magnificent and remote landscapes the Kalahari has to offer.
Run along the rim of one of the world's most dramatic granite canyons, along the banks of th South Africa's legendary Orange River to the soundtrack of the unmistakeable fish eagle cry, over otherworldly moonscapes and through unforgiving desert sand.
This is trail running and nature at its most intense.

Klipspringer 2018 now offers 4 entry options:

1. Two-day Klipspringer Challenge of approx 65km in total
2. Two-day Klipspringer Lite of approx 35km in total
3. One-day ONLY of either Day 1 OR Day 2 of the Challenge
4. One-day ONLY of either Day 1 OR Day 2 of the Lite


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